How is my pay for a job determined?

Your pay is initially determined by our expert review of your portfolio and qualifications and you will be notified after applying and being accepted. After you've reviewed the information you have the ability to accept or decline membership. This pay ranges from $60-$125 per hour. Once you begin shooting events, we take feedback from your clients in conjunction with the number of requests for you via our website and use a propriatory formula to adjust your pay upward if applicable. This is what we refer to as "market based pay", the more you are requested and the better results you achieve the more you will be paid!

How can I move up in the photographer ranks

Gain experience and produce great results!
Pro Photographers: After every photo shoot we will collect feedback from the clients. We will use that information along with the requests for you via our website to review your current pay and classification. This review will happen automatically two times per year and you will be notified of any resulting change in your status or pay.
Advanced Amateurs: After every shoot we will gather feedback from your lead photographer and will review the photos you produce during the event. After your first three events are completed we will review your body of work and determine if you are eligible to move up to be the lead on our Budding Pro packages and start getting paid to do what you love!

What are my insurance requirements?

We require that photographers carry liability insurance and will be asked to show proof of insurance prior to every shoot. This will cover you personally in the event that anything happens while you shoot an event. If you do not have any coverage we can direct you to firms that can provide it. The cost for this insurance is nominal when spread over the course of a year and will cover you for every job you have ( not only the events you shoot for Boutique Photo Pros Inc.)

As the lead, do I need to provide a second shooter for your events?

No, we have a database of Advanced Amateurs that we will pull your second/assistant shooter from. These Advanced Amateurs are talented future pros who are looking for experience and mentoring. 

What will happen when I am requested?

Once a client requests you we will contact you to confirm availability. You are not required to accept the job and if you decline the opportunity will go to the client's next choice. If you accept and we book the event, we will provide the contract for wedding photography services and will facilitate all of the paperwork. We will book a meeting between you and the client. This meeting will occur at a location determined by Boutique Photo Pros Inc. It will occur approximately 3 months before the booked event and is meant to intruduce your clients and listen to their needs. After this meeting we will request that you contact your client at least one more time approximately one week before the event. 

What is required of me after an event?

One of the huge advantages of shooting for us is the fact that you can shoot events and move on! No need to spend your valuable time on paperwork and photo editing. After an event, just cull your photos and submit them to us. You will be paid within 3 days of delivering your photos.