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Expectations and Agreement
Boutique Photo Pros, Inc. will publish your 10-15 profile photos (if you will be a lead photographer) and market your services to the general public. We do not guarantee you will be booked, but we will contact you immediately via phone and email if a potential client names you as their preferred photographer. When contacted, please respond with your availability within 24 hours. If no response is received we may contact another photographer as we promise to confirm availability for our clients within 3 days of their request. Once your availability is confirmed, we will provide a contract for photography services for all parties to sign. A copy of this contract is available below for your review. We expect our photographers to conduct themselves in a professional manner and to be cordial and friendly to clients and other photographers. Our lead photographers will be expected to mentor and teach the AA (Advanced Amateurs / second shooters) at events without hindering the main purpose for which you were hired, photographing the event. We require that you shoot in RAW format and that you will cull and submit your photos to Boutique Photo Pros within one week of the event. You will be paid per hour in the amount listed in your acceptance email within 3 days of delivery of event photos. Boutique Photo Pros, Inc. intends that photographers shall at all times be independent contractors. Photographers shall cooperate in producing and executing any and all documentation necessary for Boutique Photo Pros, Inc. to conduct its business. Photographers shall hold Boutique Photo Pros, Inc. harmless from any and all liability which shall arises against photographers pursuant to the agreements of the parties. It shall be the sole responsibility of the photographers to have sufficient insurance pursuant to requirements as provided at any time during the term of the agreement. Photographers shall promptly produce evidence of insurance at any time upon request of photographers. Cancellation: Membership can be cancelled at any time within 30 days of receipt of email request.

Click HERE for a sample of our Contract for Photography Services